Myofascial Decompression Cupping


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Cupping Names

Traditional Cupping – Been around and documented for Thousands of years. MultiCultural Practice  Egypt, Greece, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Shamans, African & Native American cultures. Most Known: Traditional Chinese Cupping . Became more popular in the US in the 21st Century due to Celebrities and Athletes cupping marks being photographed by the paparazzi.


Modern Cupping-  AKA Massage Cupping, Moving Cupping, Myofascial Decompression Cupping, Vacuum Cupping. Became more Popular in the 20th Century and increased in the 21st Century.  Performed by Medical Practitioners as well as Manual Therapists.


Vacuum Cupping- AKA “Air Cupping” is where and electric pump is attached to the end of the cup which creates a suction that can either be constant or intermittent suction and is used for Traditional Cupping and Modern Cupping.



Types of Cupping

Wet Cupping- Small Incision to cut skin. Cup with suction placed over incision. Blood draws out and into the cup. (Not to be performed by Massage Therapists)

Dry Cupping- Cup with suction placed on skin and either left in one place (Static) or moved around (dynamic). Myofascial Decompression Cupping, Modern or Massage Cupping is a form of Dry Cupping

Fire Cupping- Cotton Ball soaked in alcohol is held by forceps, lit on fire and quickly entered and exited from a glass cup to remove oxygen then cup is applied on skin quickly.  The removing of oxygen causes the suction. (Most MT Insurances will not cover for Massage Therapist)

Magnetic Cupping- Redirects Energy and can reduce energy blockages and restore energy flow reducing pain



 Cupping Techniques


Static Cupping- AKA Stationary Cupping is where a cup with suction is applied to the skin and left in 1 place for up to 3 Minutes for Modern Cupping and up to 20 Minutes for Traditional Cupping. (Traditional Cupping is out of our realm for Massage)


Dynamic Cupping- AKA Moving or Massage Cupping is where a cup with suction is applied to the skin with less suction than static cupping and moved around


Flash Cupping- AKA “Suction and Release” is where cup with suction is applied and the removed quickly.

  • Light Suction –  For Superficial Lymphatic Drainage, Sensitive areas, Acute Inflammation or Emotional Trauma. This includes flash & Dynamic Cupping.
  • Medium Suction – Deep Lymphatic Drainage, Rigid, Thicker or Adhered Tissue, Chronic Inflammation, Massage & Myofascial Cupping. Static and Dynamic Cupping.
  • Strong Suction- Client receiving Cupping on a regular basis, thick or callused tissue.  Static and Flash Cupping



Stagnation: Definition: “the state of not flowing or moving”. We are usually referring to stagnant (non moving, trapped) Old Blood, Lymph and Debris (aka toxins) that are trapped & stagnant in the tissue, ground substance, and muscles

Cupping Mark: Cupping Marks can appear after cupping usually in the shape of the cup used and can range from Clear – Pink- Speckled- Red- Greyish – Yellowish-Maroon- Deep Purple – Blisters – Bloody

Toxins:  The old blood, lymph and debris stuck in the tissue